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Thank you for your interest in trying dragon boating with the Newcastle Dragonhunters, we look forward to meeting you at one of our training sessions. The following is a description of each of the squads.

Marlin Sports Squad – Competition and Racing

  • Aim to attend all three training sessions per week. (Min 70% attendance (August to April)
  • At least two training sessions that are external to Dragon boating (e.g. walking, attending the gym, other water craft)
  • Have a commitment and positive attitude to focus on training whilst on the water
  • Have DBNSW membership in conjunction with Club membership
  • Attend THREE ‘points’ regattas (excludes Nowra points regatta) PLUS the State Championships.
  • Have a willingness to work on technique
  • Expect feedback, including video work, from the Trainers/Coaches in an effort to improve technique
  • Be involved in selection processes (Selection criteria will incorporate the erg and attendance/commitment to training)
  • Training sessions are on Tuesday & Thursday evening and also on Saturday morning.

Redfins Sports Squad – Competition and Racing

  • DBNSW & Club Membership – both required
  • Regatta Attendance – Regattas to be attended are chosen by the Squad at the beginning of the season. Attendance is not compulsory but encouraged
  • Minimum weekly sessions to compete at regattas? At least one session each week in the three weeks prior to a regatta
  • Training Attendance – Training attendance is based on your own lifestyle circumstances and priorities. If you can make three sessions, great! If you can only make one a fortnight, great too!
  • Team Selection – Rotation basis – everyone gets a paddle
  • Have a willingness to work on technique – Teamwork is important in Redfins. Working on technique is helpful for you in preventing injury and becoming a better paddler, but it also helps the Team so everyone can enjoy the paddling experience.
  • Willingness to leave “training” to the Trainers/Coach
  • Exercise sessions outside of dragon boating – There is no set number of exercise sessions required. Any exercise outside of dragon boating is a bonus for your own health and wellness.
  • Training sessions are on Monday & Wednesday evening and also on Saturday morning.

Dragons Abreast

  • DBNSW, Club and Dragons Abreast Memberships are all required
  • Survivors and supporters of those who have experienced Cancer.
  • We are a group of adventurous women and men – many of whom have had a diagnosis of breast or other form of cancer.
  • We have decided to take up the challenge of paddling a Dragon Boat and find this a great way to exercise with the added benefits for those women who suffer lymphedema after breast surgery.
  • We meet every Sunday morning for a paddle followed by coffee and a chance for a great chat, laughter and breakfast if you wish.
  • Training takes place on Throsby Creek and if the weather permits we paddle up our beautiful Harbour.
  • We aim to have a lot of fun and support each other while raising awareness of breast cancer, and cancer in general, in the community. At the same time, we are very competitive come race day.
  • All shapes and sizes, both men and women are welcome. 
  • Training session on Sunday morning.

Register Your Interest

If you’re at least 16 years old and interested in giving dragon boating a try please choose a squad below to register:

Marlins   Redfins  Dragons Abreast