Benefits of Dragon Boating


“Our crews have become very cohesive and team oriented. This is not a result of dragon boating, but as a consequence of being in a dragon boat team.”
~ Dragon Boat Team Captain

  • Dragon boating is a sport that increases fitness.
  • Dragon boat teams provide an opportunity for a diverse range of people to get to know each other through an accessible and spirited team oriented activity.
  • Dragon boat racing is unique in its ability to bridge communication gaps by building strong, supportive relationships.
  • It’s a physically demanding activity that combines upper body and trunk exercises with the aesthetics of movement in a traditional boat. It is demanding and exhilarating work, yet great fun.
  • It’s a cost-effective sport.
  • Racing enhances work dynamics, increases paddler motivation, improves communication, boosts self-confidence and breaks down barriers among team members.
  • The sport fosters team spirit and co-operation among its members, which are transferable skills.
  • It provides members with a relaxed atmosphere.
  • It encourages mental and physical health through a commitment to each other.
  • The physical experience of being in the dragon boat is an excellent springboard for clear, creative thinking and innovation, that adds to productivity outside of sport.
  • A great way to exercise with added benefits for those women who suffer lymphedema after breast surgery.
  • No matter your shape or size; male or female; everyone is welcome and can benefit from dragon boating. However you must be at least 16 years old.