Warm Ups, Weights & Rehab


Warm Ups

Before we ‘hit’ the water, we need to prepare our bodies for the exercises we are about to undertake. Warm ups are an important component of our exercise regime because it not only prepares our bodies for exercise, but it can help to prevent injuries. The following video offers some exercises we can incorporate into our warm up regime.



Weight Training

Weight training can be undertaken to improve a paddler’s strength and if you feel so inclined then here is a 24 week weights program. Please make sure you read all the material to get a full understanding how the program works and how it can help your paddling. It is very important to focus on maintaining good technique rather than just to lift as heavy a weight as possible.Remember to check with your doctor before you start and to talk with a trainer at your gym to ensure you are using the correct technique.

» Weight training introduction

» Weight exercise groups
» Weights plan


Injury Rehabilitation Exercises

Below are a couple of exercise programs specific to injuries that are often associated with the sport of dragon boating. As the Coaching Co-ordinator I recommend that paddlers use the 7 days rotator cuff program on a regular basis. It is not necessary to have an injury because I believe this program helps build the muscles around the rotator cuff and, as this is an area which gets a lot of work in dragon boat paddling, it would be an advantage for all paddlers to follow the rotator cuff program to strengthen the shoulder area.

» 7 Day Rotator Cuff Program

» Rehab program for tennis elbow