Capsize Drill

While it is important that we use the correct technique when paddling, it is also important to be aware of what we need to do in the very unlikely event that our boat capsizes. The following video details and displays the procedures that should be followed. Please watch this video – it could save your life or those of your team mates.




The erg test is a Concept 2 rowing machine with single paddle adapter that allows us to simulate the dragon boat paddling style. We do this test for a period of 2 minutes. In order for the erg results to be able to be compared to on the water work, all those trying out for the Masters mixed team must not drop below 60 SPM or higher than 70 SPM for longer than 5 strokes. If they do for longer than 5 strokes, the result will not be used for mixed selection. They will however be allowed to redo the test after sufficient recovery time.

Trials are held within a few weeks of the event check the Paddling Calendar for dates.

Handy Tools

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