DBNSW Regatta Series Round 5 (Point Wolstoncroft) 20s 200m

DBNSW Regatta Series Round 3 (20s 200m knockout)

DBNSW Annual General Meeting

DBNSW 10s Winter Warmer (200m)

State Championships

Regatta Series – Race 3

Forster Dragon Boat Regatta

DAA Festival

Nowra Community Regatta


The NHDBC Annual General Meeting will be held at 08:00AM on Saturday, August 18, 2018 at Carrington Bowling Club.

DBNSW Season Preview 2020/21

Open this item and click ‘here’ to see what DBNSW has in store for the 2020/21 season.

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2018 Australian Dragonboat Federation (AUSDBF) Championships

During November/December, 2017 registered DBNSW paddler could try out for selection for the NSW State team to compete at the 2018 Australian Championships which were held on 4th March, 2018 at Lake Kawana, Bokarina, Sunshine Coast, QLD. Selection consisted of fitness testing and single craft […]

2017/18 Results

Chinese New Year 2018 Results can be found here. 14/1/18 – DBNSW State Championships Senior A Women       3rd bronze medal Senior B Mixed.         4th in the final Senior A Open.           4th in the final Senior A Mixed.          Narrowly missed a start in the final A […]

2016/17 Race Results

2016/17 Achievements

26/2/17 – 2017 NSW State Championships

Senior B Mixed – 3rd
Senior A Open – 3rd

11/2/17-12/2/17 – Chinese New Year

Cancer Survivors – 1st
Senior B Mixed – 3rd
Senior A Open – 3rd

15/1/17 – DBNSW Race 4

Senior B Mixed – 4th

11/12/16 – DBNSW Race 3

Senior B Mixed – 2nd
Senior A Open – 3rd
Senior A Mixed – 6th

21/11/16 – Forster

500m (Marlins) – 2nd
Womens (Marlins) – 3rd
Mens 10s (Marlins) – 4th
Mixed (Marlins) – 4th

11/11/16 – 12/11/16 – Pan Pacific Masters Games

Cancer Survivors 500 & 200m – 2nd
Snr B Women’ 200m – 3rd

22/10/16 – Dragons Abreast Festival

DAs – 1st

09/10/16 – DBNSW Race 2 (500m)

Senior B Mixed – 1st
Senior C Open (combo Bei Loon) – 1st
Senior A Open – 2nd
Senior A Mixed – 5th
Premier Women (17 women) – 5th

11/9/16 – Dobroyd 10s (200m)

Senior B Mixed – 2nd
Senior A Open – 3rd
Senior A Womens – 3rd
Premier Womens – 5th

14/08/16 – DBNSW Race 1 (200m)

Senior B Opens Combo – 1st
Senior A Womens Combo – 2nd
Senior B Mixed – 2nd
Premier Womens – 3rd
Senior A Mixed – 4th

Our own Aussie Rep!!

Our own Aussie Rep!!

Newcastle Weekly, December 7, 2017

Dragons Abreast Australia Website

Dragons Abreast Australia Website

Dragons Abreast Australia is a national organisation comprised of breast cancer survivors (and some very special supporters) of various ages from a great variety of backgrounds, athletic abilities and interests. Dragons Abreast members provide a “face” for the breast cancer statistics whilst spreading the message of […]

Dragons Abreast Membership

Dragons Abreast Membership

Below are the membership fees for anyone who wishes can become a member either as a Breast cancer Survivor or Supporter.

Membership fees for Newcastle Dragons Abreast 2020 – $35.00 p.a.

Membership forms are available in Club house. Alternatively you can contact Dragons Abreast Newcastle via the online form or by email at

Enquiry Form


2017 National & State Team Selections

2017 National & State Team Selections

A big congratulations to Karen Chong & Clint Lee for making the NSW state team! What an achievement. Karen has also been selected as part of the Aurora’s. The Auroras are Australia’s national dragon boating team. The Auroras are one of Australia’s few sporting elite that […]

Dragons Abreast Newcastle

Dragons Abreast Newcastle

We are a group of adventurous women and men many of whom have had a diagnosis of breast cancer.  We have decided to take up the challenge of paddling a Dragon Boat.  We find this a great way to exercise with the added benefits for […]

Pay Membership

Pay Membership

To join or renew membership to NHDBC, registration information for both DBNSW and NHDBC must be completed and paid for via the revolutioniseSPORT system. Registration to DBNSW ensures that you have insurance coverage whilst paddling and is compulsory for NHDBC membership.



Not So Slow Boat to China

Not So Slow Boat to China

Post Article – September 2011