Club Structure


    • The Club has three different squads, each catering for a different type of paddler. A description and the aims of each squad follows:


      • Aim to attend all three training sessions per week. Life often gets in the way of this so an acceptable average is 70% which should be achievable by attending two sessions each week plus a third at least once within the month. (August to April)
      • At least two training sessions that are external to Dragon boating (e.g. walking, attending the gym, other water craft)
      • Have a commitment and positive attitude to focus on training whilst on the water
      • Have DBNSW membership in conjunction with Club membership
      • Aim to attend all ‘points’ regattas PLUS the State Championships
      • Have a willingness to work on technique
      • Expect feedback, including video work, from the Trainers/Coaches in an effort to improve technique
      • Be involved in selection processes (Selection criteria will incorporate the erg and attendance/commitment to training)
      • Training sessions are on Tuesday & Thursday evening and also on Saturday morning.



      • DBNSW & Club Membership – both required
      • Regatta Attendance – Regattas to be attended are chosen by the Squad at the beginning of the season. Attendance is not compulsory but encouraged
      • Minimum weekly sessions to compete at regattas? At least one session each week in the three weeks prior to a regatta
      • Training Attendance – Training attendance is based on your own lifestyle circumstances and priorities. If you can make three sessions, great! If you can only make one a fortnight, great too!
      • Team Selection – Rotation basis – everyone gets a paddle
      • Have a willingness to work on technique – Teamwork is important in Redfins. Working on technique is helpful for you in preventing injury and becoming a better paddler, but it also helps the Team so everyone can enjoy the paddling experience.
      • Willingness to leave “training” to the Trainers/Coach
      • Exercise sessions outside of dragon boating – There is no set number of exercise sessions required. Any exercise outside of dragon boating is a bonus for your own health and wellness.
      • Training sessions are on Monday & Wednesday evening and also on Saturday morning.


Dragons Abreast (DAs)

      • Survivors and supporters of those who have experienced Cancer.
      • We are a group of adventurous women and men – many of whom have had a diagnosis of breast or other form of cancer.
      • We have decided to take up the challenge of paddling a Dragon Boat and find this a great way to exercise with the added benefits for those women who suffer lymphedema after breast surgery.
      • We meet every Sunday morning for a paddle followed by coffee and a chance for a great chat, laughter and breakfast if you wish.
      • Training takes place on Throsby Creek and if the weather permits we paddle up our beautiful Harbour.
      • We aim to have a lot of fun and support each other while raising awareness of breast cancer, and cancer in general, in the community.
      • All ages, shapes and sizes, both men and women are welcome.  Although we are affiliated with Dragons Abreast Australia (DAA), supporters form a large section of our local club.
      • Training session on Sunday morning.